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Insight into Rann Utsav at Great Rann of Kutch
When it comes to counting colors, moods, moments &occasions, no alternative place in India, if not the globe, is additionalversatile ... ...

SoftBank considers pulling Huawei gear from its network

Huawei may lose a major customer in Japan, raising further questions about its ambition to lead the introduction of 5G technology around the world. Read More ...
Posted on: 12/13/18

Janet Jackson heads to Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Janet Jackson isn't just in control; she's now set to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Read More ...
Posted on: 12/13/18

Taylor Swift reportedly used facial recognition to try to ID stalkers

Taylor Swift reportedly has no shortage of stalkers, and an expert says she used facial recognition to try and identify them. Read More ...
Posted on: 12/13/18

Police chief apologizes to victims, vows reforms

The police chief in Springfield, Missouri, has apologized to the city's sexual assault victims and ordered changes in how the department handles sex crimes cases. The reaction follows a CNN investigation into rape kit destruction that highlighted the agency's practices, which experts called "disturbing." Read More ...
Posted on: 12/13/18

Mariska Hargitay: Rape kit backlog and destruction is outrageous

Much has been written this year about women's anger -- its power and potential, its evolution and necessity. But beneath the analysis, there is the feeling itself: anger, pure and simple. It's what I felt when I read CNN's report about the destruction -- the outrageous, careless, wrongheaded, uneducated, ill-informed, ... Read More ...
Posted on: 12/13/18

CNN Investigation: How the trashing of rape kits fails victims and jeopardizes public safety

Hours after you are raped, you sit in a hospital room, under fluorescent lights, and consent to a forensic exam. Read More ...
Posted on: 12/13/18

Man arrested in North Carolina teen's killing

Michael Ray McLellan has been charged with the murder of 13-year-old Hania Aguilar, who was abducted last month outside her home in North Carolina. Read More ...
Posted on: 12/13/18

Authorities had evidence in 2017 linking a man to a rape, but didn't act. Now a teen girl is dead.

The kidnapping and killing of 13-year-old Hania Aguilar may have been prevented if authorities had properly handled DNA evidence from a separate case last year, a North Carolina prosecutor said. Read More ...
Posted on: 12/13/18

Comedian wants to reframe sexual assault

Cameron Esposito is a comedian, but for a brief moment in time, she wanted to be a priest. Read More ...
Posted on: 12/13/18

The reality of wine's health benefits

CNN's John Avlon compares competing studies that prove or disprove health benefits of drinking wine. Read More ...
Posted on: 12/13/18



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